How do I keep my spirit up when hearing my friends talk about absurd conjectures about life after death?


As a Christian, you really can't wait until you're with Jesus after death, and it is an exciting feeling. However, I am always hearing in the news and from friends about science and false doctrines, and it is really discouraging. I am doing the best I can to live a life free of sin and thanking God every chance I get, but when I hear all these theories people have I sometimes question where we go right after we're gone. I guess I am so excited to be with God after I die that just hearing sometone talking about other theories puts me down. I will never stop believing, but I have to keep hearing this garbage that my friends believe in, like that we will all be turned to energy. Should I stop talking about Jesus to friends and non-believers if it is starting to take a toll on me?

Thank you and God bless.


Now stop and think about it a moment. How do you measure where a person goes after death? How do you interview those who die? Can you take a survey of those who crossed over? The point is that true science has nothing to say about life after death because it can't even detect the human spirit, let alone determine where it goes after death.

If someone acknowledges that humans have a spirit, my question is how does he know? What told him about the spirit's existence? For an atheist to even acknowledge that human's have a spirit is a slippery slope because it has to be argued from belief and the only detailed description of the spirit is found in the Bible.

"Because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them" (Romans 1:19). Your friends are giving you ammunition against their disbelief, and they don't even realize it. This doesn't mean they will acknowledge God, but you might get them thinking.

That is true actually! They can never answer that question, and the only real information we have is from the Scriptures. I guess all I can do is keep using Scripture in these arguments against their non-facts. Hopefully one day they will wake up before it's too late. Thank you for your response it was encouraging.