Is it right for a woman to be over a Sunday school department so long as the preacher over her is a man?


Thanks for your many great posts on these subjects. I greatly appreciate the resource.

Do you believe it is proper to have a woman over a Sunday school department? The preacher says itís OK due to the fact that he is over her ultimately, but I donít buy this according to I Timothy 2. Can you shed some light on this? I was in a teacherís training class, and she told a man who had a question that he had to wait until the end to ask. The preacher was there and didnít say anything so many thought it was OK, except for the man who couldnít get his questions answered.


"But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet" (I Timothy 2:12).

No, it is not proper for a woman to be in authority over men. The wording of this verse does not say that as long as there is some man over her that she can be over other men. This verse was violated by the position given to this woman. It was also violated when she was teaching a class with men present. Finally, the preacher was also in the wrong thinking that because of his duty as a preacher that he oversees the Bible teaching in a church. Overseeing is the job of elders not preachers.

So why are you attending a church where the Scriptures are being ignored?