Is it scriptural to marry someone who had a marriage annulled?


Is a marriage annulment from the state of Texas the same as a divorce? Is it scriptural to marry them?


It would depend on the reason for the annulment. An annulment is basically a declaration that the marriage should not have taken place. Reasons for an annulment in Texas are:

  • Being under-aged at the time of getting married (i.e. they lied about their age).
  • Being a minor and not getting parental consent to marry.
  • Being drunk or high on drugs during the wedding.
  • Getting married and finding out fraud was involved. In Texas fraud would include someone not letting their spouse know in advance that they are unable to have sex.
  • Being forced to get married or getting married under duress.
  • Getting married when the spouse is not eligible to be married.

In all these cases, there are limits on how long a person can wait before filing for an annulment and there usually must be evidence that the couple is not living together. [See: Annulment Requirements in Texas]. Therefore, I can't really answer question with knowing what was in the court documents regarding why the annulment was granted. If you are thinking about marry a person who had an annulment, I would strongly recommend requesting a copy of the court documents and seeing why for yourself.