I've been using your excellent web site for the past week.


I have been using your web site for the past week. Excellent! I have downloaded The Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20 and also the complete essay of over 100 pages on PDF by James Edward Snapp, Jr. (2007). I have sent them to other Christian friends.

I had downloaded also the MP3 audio, Jesus is God, part 1 and part 2. You have a good speaking voice: clear and concise. That is my personal opinion. I've read about your small church with humbleness. I've read some of your articles and will end up eventually reading more.

I am 72, a Christian since 1959, and an avid student of the Bible for the past 40 years. My preferred Bible is the King James Version, with the pure Cambridge edition of 1769. My second choice is the Amplified Bible, large print because of my failing eyesight. I've done many Bible studies usually for myself. Yes, I have a large biblical library. I love God's Word.


I'm glad to hear that the web site is useful to you in your studies.