We wanted to share what happened to us


Thank you so much for all your help and teaching. My husband I left the Southern Baptist church last week and joined the church of Christ in our area. The church of Christ was having a tent gospel meeting beside the lake my husband I were fishing at. and we over heard the preacher preaching so we went up to listen. They were talking about how doctrines are un-biblical, the truth about baptism, and this happened the same time I was sending and asking questions to your web site and about the same things I was asking you. They sat us down and we had a long Bible study until almost midnight. They showed us the truth in the Bible, and answered about twenty questions we had, showing us all the answers to them in the Bible. Amazing!

The next day we went back and asked to be baptized. Then they baptized us in the lake in front of a beautiful sunset. It was on of the best days of our lives! We went to the church of Christ for the first time yesterday (Sunday) and we love it! Our new church family is amazing and never in my life I been around people who love God and other people so much. They just care so much about us. After church we all sat around and just talked about God. No one was in a hurry to go home, something I have always wanted to do that the Southern Baptist church did not care to do. I have been praying for a year for God to please turn me into the person I must be for Him because I felt lost and confused, and I feel He is answering my prayers and leading me closer to Him and out of darkness.

Anyway, wanted to share our story and say thank you. You were right. :) God Bless.


That is the most wonderful news you could have shared with me! I'm so happy for you two!