How do I move on after breaking up with my boyfriend?



I've just broken up with my boyfriend who isn't a believer of Christ and it had already been several months. I can't seem to forget him even though I know he is not the one for me. I can sense the Lord telling me he is not the one. He had a new girlfriend and each time I see them together, the wound 'reopens.' We had a very bad break-up, but despite it, I can't forget him. I find it so hard. I don't know if I still love him. Please tell me what I need to or must do to forget him thoroughly.


Love is not an emotion, though love is emotional. It is a choice. See "Love is ... " The choice made was that you two are not suitable as marriage partners. Therefore, the practical thing to do, is accept that fact and find a man who is suitable. Having a good man at your side will make you realize that you are glad you did not marry the other man.