My former girlfriend is threatening to ruin my current relationship. What do I do?


I had a child out of wedlock and I am not with the mother of my child anymore. We have been parted for about half a year. In that time I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with who is also a firm believer in Christ Jesus. We discussed the many aversities she would have to take on in our pursuit of courtship and marriage.

As of late the mother of my child has been saying things like "I'm going to sabotage your relationship," "I don't want you to be happy," and "Be prepared for what's coming your way." She is an unbeliever. I was obviously acting according to my flesh for the time we spent together, but praise Christ for His mercy! Anyway, my daughter loves the woman I am now with and plan on marrying in the coming future. The other day when I dropped my daughter off at her mother's home, my girlfriend I am now with gave my daughter a kiss and the mother of my child got upset. Was it jealousy? Why is she choosing to seek to destroy my relationship? Does that stem from jealousy? Or just her wicked nature? 

How do I handle this situation as a man? I'm in a position where it's my job to protect my girlfriend, but just how do I go about doing that? 

My girlfriend's mother even told her to quit and leave the relationship, but she refuses because she wants to be with me as we aim to glorify Christ in our courtship and marriage.

The opposition is now arising. What advice could you provide regarding this situation? 


Your situation is a good illustration of why sex belongs only in marriage. I'm glad you've changed your ways, but, of course, such a change is unable to alter the past. Your old girlfriend has the idea that the reason you left her is because of your current girlfriend. She has the idea that if this new girlfriend left, you would return to her. Worse to her point of view is that your new girlfriend is also stealing her daughter's affection. All your denials won't cause her to change her mind. She won't really believe it until you get married and even then she probably will think she can force a divorce.

I have no idea what your former girlfriend plans to do. She can't disclose what you two have done since your current girlfriend is aware of it. About all you can do is minimize your interaction with your former girlfriend. If possible, keep you current girlfriend out of the interactions.