"I can't go on in this marriage like this anymore!"



Please help because I cannot do it anymore.  My husband told me almost a year ago he doesnt love me anymore.  We have been married for over five years.  I kept on believing, praying, etc. that this will change but still no response from him that he love me.  I am going mad.  I cannot be with him and feel so empty anymore.  I am scared every day of my life that when I get home he will have left me.  He said on several occasions he wants a divorce.  He blames me and my children (not his) for everything.  Sometimes he treats me nice, but he never says that he loves me.  I cannot do this anymore.  What should I do?  Where are God's promises?  How can I ask for all His promises if I am a sinner? How? How? How? I cannot go on like this anymore!


You've told me almost nothing. Your husband is still with you after a year of problems, which hints that he is making some effort at keeping the marriage together and that there isn't another woman involved. You blame him for the problems. You blame God for the problems. You see things as an offense against yourself. I'm left wondering if your husband is right that you are causing problems in this marriage.

There are no promises of a happy marriage or a happy life here on earth. God does tell us how to make life better in a great number of ways, but people sin. If you and your husband aren't following God's teachings, then of course things will be less than ideal. Good marriages don't just happen, they result from two people putting effort into keeping a marriage functional.