How do you pick a job when so many can involve sinful things?


It seems like there are a lot of jobs where a person comes in contact with alcohol and cigarettes and other morally improper things. For instance if someone works at a restaurant they might end up pouring and serving alcohol, or maybe a musician who plays at a restaurant might be entertaining a combination of people who are and aren't drinking. If someone works at a drug store, convenience store or even a department store they'll end up selling every manner of sinful products every day. How does someone decide whether taking a job is appropriate for a Christian or not?


What comes first for a Christian is God and His Laws. Since you, as a Christian, don't want to promote drinking, then you will eliminate jobs where alcoholic drinks are sold as your potential places of employment. For example, I once worked as a stock clerk in a grocery store. I had asked before taking the job whether the position required dealing with the liquor. The answer was no, it was handled by the manufactures' people, so I took the position.

Typically in every industry there are family-oriented businesses which don't require dealing with sinful things. There are restaurants that don't sell alcohol. There are stores that don't deal in liquor or cigarettes. There are coffee houses where a musician can play without other matters being included.

But when it comes to part-time jobs, be more creative in where you look. There are businesses that need people to run errands. Check out nursing homes to seen if they need assistants. Lots of businesses need someone for grounds keeping. Pick a line of work that involves you in things that don't bother your conscience.