Should a woman be on the committee to select elders?



I attend the church of Christ in a small town. We are looking at appointing elders in our congregation.  There is what I feel a potential problem, since we are so small, most of the men who have been elected as potential elders leave very little left to be on a selection committee.  I am very bothered that a lady in our congregation is wanting and has been approved by the members of our church to be on this selection committee.  I am terribly troubled by this as I have always attended church all of my life with the belief that women are to remain silent and not take on roles that the men should hold.

Is there any scripture to back up my belief?  I am planning on writing a letter to the men in our congregation stating my disapproval of this lady ands potential others from being a part of the elder selection committee.

Any light you could shed on my way would be great.


I wish to point out that the very idea of a selection committee has no basis in Scripture, let alone whether a woman should be a member of such a committee. See: Who appoints elders? Since it is the whole church who picks out men to be elders, that would include women, but the idea that a small group is going to decide for the whole is wrong.