I'm a 100% with you on what you say about animal rights.


I've read what you've said about animal rights not being biblically correct, and I'm 100% with you on that. Sometimes it's very hard to hear people go on and on about animal rights. Animals are not people. Jesus mentioned in Matthew how we are worth more than the sparrows. Thank you for writing out all these references for defending God's Word.

I have a brother who all my life has been an extreme meat eater, hunter, etc. He's gotten engaged recently, and he's said some things that seem a bit animal rights-ish. It's difficult to hear that. I mean if that's the least of my worries with him, then I'm totally fine. But it does worry me a bit. I'm definitely going to share some these references and points you made with him.

Thanks again!


I'm glad you have found the site useful.