My husband abandoned me right after the wedding. Can I marry again?


I married a man five years ago, only for the wrong purposes. He was born in another country, and he needed me to help him with legal documents. We married, and never lived together because shortly after he was nowhere to be found. To this day I haven't heard from him. I have a little girl with another man whom I am in love with. We currently decided to do things right, we have been studying the Bible, and not fornicating by having sex. All we do is study the Bible and watch movies of our Lord to learn more. I have to say that it has brought us closer to our Lord. However, he was married years ago, and got divorced, his ex filed for divorce and left him for no reason. She left him because all they had (material wise) was never enough for her. My question is if I married without love can I remarry? Can my daughter's father and I marry and live life by our Father's rules.


There is no requirement in the Bible that you have to be in love to marry. Husband and wives are commanded to love each other. There is a difference because love is a choice, not an emotion from God's view point. Love causes emotional feelings, but the emotions is not love. See Love Is ...

You didn't help a man with legal documents. You aided a man in breaking the immigration laws. It sounds like you never intended on living with this man. Therefore, you committed a fraud. That leaves you a choice. You can admit to the government that you lied when you said you were marrying this man, which will likely lead to fines and jail time, or you can leave it that your husband abandoned you. I assume you haven't bothered to divorce him so that he would not get in trouble with the law. Likely he is with someone else. You probably could hire a private investigator to locate him and prove that he has been unfaithful. You then could divorce him for fornication, which would allow you to remarry.

Since your abandonment you have been committing adultery with another man and had a child. He is unable to marry again because his marriage did not end because of his wife's fornication (Matthew 19:9). Anyone marrying this man would be be joining him in adultery.