My ex-husband has been engaged in sex since our divorce. Is that fornication?


I was in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage for 30 years and finally decided to divorce after I thought he was going to kill me in a fit of rage.  Since leaving, he has engaged in intercourse with his first cousin and pornography.  Are these acts considered fornication?  Incest is a first degree felony not to mention disgusting. 


You divorce your husband because of abuse, not fornication. Since you chose that route, it does not give you the right to marry someone else (I Corinthians 7:10-11; Matthew 19:9). What he has done since your divorce does not change the cause of your divorce.

Pornography is sinful, but it is not fornication. See: Is looking at pornography fornication?

His sex acts with his cousin are adulterous (Matthew 19:9), but they are not incestuous. While not advised, it is still possible for first cousins to marry. It is not a felony in the United States.

Your ex-husband is a sinner, you've known that for years, but it doesn't give you the right to marry another person.