I'm not certain what group you are with, but I find your web site helpful.


I am a disciple of Jesus Christ who attends a fellowship of churches once known as the International Churches of Christ. I was googling opinions and articles on various biblical topics when I saw your website. I just wanted to tell you how refreshing it was to see such an uncompromising stand on being the church of the New Testament. I'm not sure if you are a part of the mainline churches of Christ fellowships or an independant congregation but it doesn't matter. I was sincerely encouraged and convicted by your site. I found some of your articles and Q&A helpful to me spiritually. I pray for your continual service in Christ and ever increasing impact in your community.


All of the churches of Christ are independent. There is no central headquarters or guiding organization beyond our Lord in heaven. Among the churches of Christ, we are considered among conservative element that retains the old ways. We are definitely not among those who broke off from us in the 1940's and 1950's and call themselves "mainstream." See: "What is this business about "anti," "liberal," and "sound?"" and "Isn't the use of "conservative," "non-institutional," or "mainstream" to distinguish churches wrong?" for details.

I'm glad you are finding the web site useful in your studies.