Is veganism bad?


Hi minister,

About veganism, is it bad? I had broke my heel in two places by just barely jogging. Doctors said diet is not to blame, but I am not so sure. I'm still not better, Doc says my vitamin D is so low I will need a prescription! And now my white platelet count is low too. They want to test me again in a month. I am scared. Can I please have your prayers?

I'm not stupid. I know my extreme diet may be to blame. Even my teenage daughter and husband are starting to have health problems. I did read what you said about vegetarianism, and it makes sense. I have just seen so much about animal abuse on the Internet, TV, and in books that my mind is confused. I love animals, but I also want to get better. I have lost my job, can barely walk, or sleep because of the pain my foot is in. But every time I think about eating a animal I picture their faces, and if they had much pain.

Do we all enter earth with pain, and leave the earth in pain? We do try to buy humane everything. It's just the images the Internet has given me. It's enough to make me even more sick. My family and I are having a hard time finding a church to confide in. May I ask where you are located? You seem so knowledgeable. I want to know God better, especially now. Thank you for your time.


There is nothing wrong with vegetarianism as a personal choice. It becomes wrong when people insist that their choice must be followed by others.  See: Are you saying God condemns vegetarians?

The "animal abuse" as seen on the Internet is not reality. People purposely stage "abuse" to "prove" that it is going on. That some abuse occurs is a given. There are incidences of child abuse, but I don't see people screaming that we must stop having children. The reason we know of the abuse and get upset about them is because we have laws against such practices.

But even this should not keep you from drinking vitamin fortified milk.


It was awesome hearing from you! Thank you for replying. Sorry I drug my story out. You helped a lot. I'm going to start relying on the Bible more. There are so many people who can throw you off track as far as how to eat, or how to live. It can get intimidating, Veg people get so defensive! I know, i was one of them. Doctor did say to incorporate more things in my diet (meat), but it is a very modest amount, and it is for healing reasons. Vegetarianism must not of been for me. Thank you for clarifying this.