Should announcements come before or after worship?


Can announcement be done before the Lord's Supper, preaching, praying, singing or done at the end of service? (Matthew 6:33). God's business first, then the church's business last? Please I need help! Thank you.


When God does not make a rule, it is not proper to make one for Him. The order of a worship service is not specified, so a rule imposing order would be adding to God's Word.

I've seen it done both ways. Those who have it at the beginning want to let those who are leading prayers know who needs our prayers. Also by announcing who is scheduled, you avoid people forgetting they are up next. Having announcements at the end reminds people of who they need to contact and who needs prayers during the week.

Since the church is the kingdom of God (Matthew 16:18-19; Colossians 1:13), the idea that church's business is separate from God's business is false.