Wow, a church that believes in the true word!


Wow, a church that believes in the true word! 

Thank God for you and the brethren.  I was just blessed and “holy thrilled” reading your first lines of your introduction:

“The La Vista Church of Christ, located on the south side of Omaha, Nebraska, has no bowling league, no softball team, nor does it sponsor a Boy Scout troop. We have an air-conditioned building with several rooms for Bible classes, but there is no kitchen, no banquet hall, no gymnasium, or party room.”

“…we are a church that follows after the pattern of the New Testament. We are not a social club, nor a civic organization, nor a political forum, nor a welfare institution. While the influence of the church and its members are felt in all these areas, the church, itself, is none of these things. The church is a spiritual institution, which administers to the spiritual needs of its members and the community.”

My children, this is the type of church I want you to seek in your areas and only this type, one that will give Life, one that teaches the Word.

To the Saints of La Vista, please pray that we have such a church as yours here.

Thank you, and God bless you all!


Thank you for the encouraging words. There are similar churches all around the world.