Should I quit preaching to find a wife?


I have been a minister now for almost 30 years. My wife left me after nearly 30 years of marriage. However, I need a help mate. I want to date but all women are scared of dating a preacher. I understand that too. I don't want to cause a "Black Eye" on the church so here is my question:

If I date other women, should I quit preaching? Not quit serving God NO! Quit preaching. I think that would look best on God and His church. Please give your honest opinion. Thanks.


What isn't mentioned is why your wife left you. I assume that she was committing adultery and left to be with another man. If the marriage didn't end because of fornication on her part, then you have no right to another marriage (Matthew 19:9; I Corinthians 7:10-11). For the purpose of this reply, I am assuming you do have the right to marry again.

And do you plan to resume preaching after your marriage? If so, then by leaving the job solely for the purpose of finding a wife is to be dishonest with her. Sure, a lot of women are reluctant to marry a preacher. She is not only agreeing to marry a man for the rest of her life, she is also signing up for the extra difficulties of being the wife of a preacher. It takes a special woman to handle that.

Be the man who you are. Don't pretend to be someone different because deception won't make your life better.