If there are no warnings for the second coming of Christ, then what about the signs in Revelation?


If there are no warning signs for the last days or second coming of Christ, what do the Bowls, Seals, and Trumpets represent in Revelation?


Revelation deals with things that were to take places shortly. One of the greatest errors people make in regards to understanding Revelation is to ignore several statements in the book that the things described in the book would shortly take place (Revelation 1:1,3; 22:6,10). Any view that does not give meaning to the symbols in Revelation as occurring in the first few centuries after it was written is wrong. In other words, the Mormonís claim that parts of Revelation predict the book of Mormon is wrong. 1800 years later is not near to the time of Johnís writing. Something that happens 1800 years later is not something that would take place shortly. Popular claims by the Prophecy Club that Revelation talks about one world order, the destruction of the world by Russia or the Middle East, or any similar claim is also wrong. We do not live in a time near to Johnís. Events in our future will not occur shortly after John recorded Revelation.

Now, this does not mean that everything recorded in Revelation deals with events in the first and second century. There can be, and I believe there are, events discussed which deals with the second coming of Jesus Christ, especially Revelation 20:11 to 22:5. But any view that states the bulk of the book is about the second coming of Jesus cannot be correct because John said very clearly that the events would come soon after he wrote them.


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