How do I get over being afraid to do things in the church services?


I have a real problem. I am very fearful of doing things at church eg. reading, exaulting, etc. Here is the real problem: if I know that I am going to do something at church or called on without knowing, I do not go church. Honestly I do not want to be like this. In my heart I want to serve God and not be ashamed. How can I get through this? I need help.


The only way to conquer fears is to face them. So long as you continue to let your imagination tell you how horrible it is to stand before others, you'll find the fears overwhelming. Only by experiencing the fact that things aren't as bad as you thought will you convince yourself to continue trying.

Congregations can help a lot in this area. Have people take turns reading passages from the Bible, being one of a number doing this makes you realize it isn't so bad -- and you can do it from your own seat. Have prayers offered up in smaller groups by those who don't often participate. Have singings at someone's home and invite each man to lead a song. Have men come to help at with the Lord's Supper, but don't expect them to lead a prayer at first. In other words, have opportunities to start small and build up confidence.