How can God be eternal if eternity is like a circle?


Eternity is like a circle (no beginning or end). This is an issue that I have pointed out time and again and still have not received an answer to to me that is logical or even answers the question I'm about to ask: God gave us brains to use, so the issue of logical is a legitimate resonse. To get back to the beginning of time, you go onto the circle and then begin going backward until you come to the end. The problem is that you never will come to the end. You will for eternity keep going around the line of the circle. Explain to me how God, being Eternal, can exist when there is no beginning point in the circle for Him to start the creation. I'm still headed backward in the circle and will forever. In addition, God knows everything, past and future. God hates sin. God then knew that His creation would create sin because He knows the future. Why would He allow the creation of sin, something that He hates? If He wanted company after the end of the world, He could have created a sinless nation.


You ask for a logical answer, but you present an illogical question. An illustration is a way of explaining a complex idea in terms of something familiar. You say that eternity is like a circle. That is a claim, it isn't proof. Since you make the claim, it is up to you to support your claim with evidence, but you didn't do so. Yet your question is dependent on a unproven assertion.

Actually, since you yourself claim to come to a contradiction and don't see how God can be eternal if eternity is a circle, then logic demands that your assertion is false.

Another flaw is that you assert that you never received an answer that you accept. I'm not surprised. If you make yourself the standard, then anything that you want to reject will never be acceptable to you.

In regards to the claim that God knows everything, your assertion does not match quite what the Bible teaches because it assumes there is nothing that is unknowable. See: "If God is sovereign, why does He express sorrow when man is bad?"

In regards to sin, you assume there is no value to people choosing to do what is right. You assume that it is only the end result of righteousness that God wants and discount that God finds value in the choice. See: Free-Will and the Power of God. So in an indirect way you are right. If all God wanted was company, He could have made a sinless people. God didn't make it impossible to sin. Therefore, company is not all that God wants.