Can you marry someone who is four years different from your age, or who goes to the same church?


Hi, I am in love with this girl at my church. We're four years apart; however, we decided to be friends and go out later. In the future is it possible to marry her? Is it okay to marry someone that goes to your church?


Let's see, Abraham was ten years older than his wife Sarah (Genesis 17:17). Age seems like a large difference when people are younger because we see thing relatively. Then too, during the ages when children change rapidly, a few years difference makes a big difference in maturity. But once people settle into adulthood, age differences are not as important of a factor.

I typically encourage people to marry people who have the same beliefs as themselves. Otherwise, when you start having children there will be large disagreements over how the children are to be raised.

But is it okay to marry a someone from your church?

I'm puzzled why you would suspect it to be wrong. It once was what commonly happened back when people didn't travel as much. There is definitely no teaching in the Bible against it.