How do I get over loving a boy who doesn't love me?


I met this boy at work. Initially it was OK, but after some time, because of his good nature and politeness, I became attracted to him. I then found out that he had a girlfriend in the past and he loved her very much, but somehow their love did not end up in marriage due to the caste system prevalent here in India. He is committed to her completely and does not want to love anyone else. He also started drinking heavily after that; he didn't drink that much when he was in love with this girl. Anyway, I became friends with him inspite of knowing that he will not love me. We have been friends almost two years, and now I love him very much, but he does not love me. I am now depressed and frustated as I am not able to get over him. Please help me so that I can get over this infatuation with him and make my life better, as I have made my life miserable by continously thinking about him.


You are not being reasonable. He has only been interested in one woman, whom he did not marry. He is willing to be friends with you, but he has told you that he does not love you. Yet, you do not believe him. You think that you can change his mind, yet in all this time it has not happened. So instead of looking at this relationship as it is, you are in love with what you think it might become. In other words, you are not in love with him, you are in love with your imagination of what you think he might become.

This also shows up in how you view his behavior. You know he is a drunkard, but because he drank less when he was with another girl, you imagine that he will give up drinking when he falls in love with you. Once again, it is a love based on you imagination of what the future might be, not a love for a person as he is.

Find a guy whom you love and who loves you each for who you are. You are wasting time chasing something that doesn't exist.