My husband repented of his adultery, but he still works with the woman. What do I do?


My husband committed adultery. He tried so hard to hide it and, honestly, if God didn't declare that it was time for him to be exposed, it would still be going on right now. I do believe him when he says he's repented, and he's truly sorry. I have forgiven him with all my heart but the only issue now is trust, especially since the co-adulterer is his co-worker. She is his boss. Bottom line: the only hinderance to us moving forward and developing our trust back is the closeness of their work. Although he says there's nothing anymore, I am not comfortable with that working relationship. The Bible says to flee from sin. How can my mind be at rest when the co-adulterer works so closely with him? In my mind, that is just leaving room for temptation again. I'm not sure how to go about this.


I take it that the only reason your husband stopped his adultery is because it was exposed. It would have been a bit better if he had stopped on his own because he realized his sin, but I am glad that turned away from sin and that you were able to pull him back toward righteous living.

I agree that the situation is not good. Your husband must take extra precautions because the potential for giving in will always be there. At the same time, I don't know what more you can do. You can tell him that you want to trust him, but you don't trust her. You can express your preference that he find another place to work. And you can ask him if he can do whatever he can think of to minimize your concern for him. Yet, ultimately the decision will have to be his and bringing up the issue repeatedly won't help matters.