Your site is a goldmine of information.


Dear Sir,

I have just stumbled upon your web site while googling for some answers regarding Exodus 4:24-26, though I realize that we don’t actually “stumble” on to anything where our Heavenly Father is concerned. I found the explanations contained on your site to be quite informative and solidly based in Scripture. I now have a better grasp on that difficult passage than I had before. Thank you for taking the time to put that information up there.

Naturally when I was done with that little piece of research I began exploring your site further and found it a veritable goldmine of information. I work with a ministry and your mission statement on your home page pretty much summed up what we also believe the world needs from the church. Certainly we need to look out for the vulnerable members of our community where we can, but more than this, they first and foremost need to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ above all else as that alone has the power to save. "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

I have put your site to the top of my favorites list in my browser so that when I need that late night spiritual second opinion and don’t wish to wake a brother I have your sound scriptural research there at my fingertips to help me know that I’m on the right track.

May the Lord truly bless you and all involved with your wonderful online ministry.


Thank you for the kind remarks and encouragement. I'm glad you are finding the site useful.