Is my marriage valid?


First off, I appreciate you spreading the word on what people need to hear, not what they want to hear.  I thank you for that, not many people in the pulpit do that anymore and cower to men.  You recently wrote my mother about her remarriage scenario, and I feet you spread the truth about it.  I am in a similar scenario, but not quite. 

My wife was married before and then got a divorce and then I married her.  The reason she got a divorce was because her husband at the time defiled her and committed adultery.  A couple months went by and she divorced him because of his fornication.  Now he of course was real sorry and she to my understanding forgave him, but said because of this, she could not be with him.  She fornicated as well, but that was well after they divorced.  Still time went on, and I met her, we hit off and I married her.  What do you say to my scenario.  Am I in the wrong? After all her divorce was due to martial unfaithfulness.  I have had no previous marriages and neither has she with the exception of the one I just mentioned.  Please, when you respond tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  Thanks and no matter what you say, I feel you are telling the truth out there. 


Your wife's divorce allowed her to remarry because it was due to her husband's adultery (Matthew 19:9). The fornication she committed afterward was sinful and should be repented of and taken care of as God instructed, either by becoming a Christian or being a Christian asking God for forgiveness. Your marriage to her is valid based on what you've told me.