How do you handle being invited to a Bible class that you know isn't going to teach the truth?


How do I handle getting offers to attend studies and other programs from my friends who attend denominational churches? The conflict is them saying "no" when I invite them and me saying "no" when they invite me. I know it's not worship. Would I be able to attend those Bible studies to get them to come with me? Or is that not an option? I come across this a lot and don't always know how to handle it.

Does this fall into the same category as weddings and funerals? Although at a denomination I still can participate since it's not worship.


I've gone to studies held by groups who don't follow the Bible as they ought. I don't really enjoy it because I can see where the flawed reasoning is at, yet I'm limited in being able to respond because the teacher isn't interested and wants to keep his class moving. Going to a class gives you what the teacher thinks, not what your friend thinks. So rather than going to a study where both of you are in an enviroment that limits your discussion, why not say, "I appreciate the invitation, but I rather study where there are no restraints on the discussion. I'd really enjoy studying with you personally instead of a group with all its dynamics." This way you can deal with that person's misunderstandings and questions.

There can be times when going to a class can be useful, such as learning what a particular denomination teaches on a topic so you can examine it on your own. It is rare to be able to make an impact on the entire class except to ask pointed questions that help other people realize that the teacher isn't telling the full truth. But you have to realize that the teacher holds control over the class and what gets discussed, therefore you are always at a disadvantage in a class situation.