Did God send me this girl?


I am not really that outgoing. I once thought I would be hopeless in finding a girl who I truly loved without something bad happening. Many bad things have happened in my life, most of the time they seem to happen just at the moment when I am happy, and they find a way to destroy my happiness. I recently started talking to a girl who, without exaggeration, is almost exactly the same as me. We have the same values, the same likes and dislikes, we both do not drink or smoke, we are the same height and even like the same kinds of this. As well as both being Christians. We both believe in no sex before marriage as well.

I had been praying every night that the Lord forgive me for my sins, and that He let me find the girl of my dreams, and just five days ago I met her. I still pray every night that the Lord forgives me for my sins, and that he continues to give me the opportunities to say and do the right things to direct me in the right path to be with this girl, and so far there has been nothing but success.

I am starting to feel a lot more confident in myself, and starting to try harder not to sin now, as well as becoming a whole lot more self-aware. I honestly believe that the Lord has blessed me with this, but I wanted to know if this is possible and would the Lord do this, or am I basing everything on coincidence?


Is it possible that the Lord has blessed you with a companion for your life? Of course. "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD" (Proverbs 18:22). Many times we don't realize the Lord's hand in things until after the fact.

Rather than wondering, thank God for the blessing of the opportunity.

Now, understand that five days is not much time for you two to get to know each other, but I'm thrilled that you've gotten off to a good start. If this is the right person for you, the relationship will become more solid as time goes on. Meanwhile, I'm glad you found happiness.