I like how you differentiated yourselves.


I came across your web site while doing some study. I am a member of the brotherhood. I was vey impressed with your opening remarks and how you differentiated yourselves from the rest of the world of religious bodies. So refreshing to see that. I am simply writing this e-mail to let you know that you have been an encouragement to me, and that I pray for you continued faithfulness to the Lord and to His church. We truly are the Lord's peculiar people, and simply joining with current fads of "community churches" will do nothing to save souls.

May God bless the saints at La Vista.


It is surprising to me the strength of reaction I get about the home page. People either really like it or really hate it. I can't claim full credit for it. I took at least three brethren's introductions from fliers they had written and blended them to come up with one that I felt reflected what the La Vista congregation was like.

Thanks for the encouragement.