Why are you bashing the Roman Catholic Church?


I just had a question for you. I was browsing your web site (which is very nicely made, I might add) and I saw a question and it was answered about what is wrong with the Catholic Church. It seemed to me that what was answered was mostly bashing the Catholic Church, more than just informationally answering the question. Now, if I can inquire, what would the purpose served in bashing the Catholic Church?

Thank you, and I sincerely am not trying to start an enormous theological debate but only trying to fill my curiosity and I hope that you have an answer for me.

God bless.


Since the answer in question calmly lists out the differences between Roman Catholicism and the New Testament, differences that the Roman Catholic church acknowledges in many cases, I must conclude that you see any disagreement with your chosen religion as "bashing." I can't help that having those differences documented makes you uncomfortable.