I applaud your message regarding authority between men and women.



I was searching for the passage on the web site for I Corinthians 11 to copy and paste unto my new web page. I came across your site, and read your interpretation. I found your page interesting. I am a follower of Christ ever since 2007. I have grown so much, that each day and up to this day, I am still seeking for answers to my questions that I do not understand. Or whenever I come across a passage with a footnote, I pause to read what it means, and then continue my reading.

Anyway, life is very interesting, and I have a long story to tell. But I will make it short. Just hoping to get across the message of God's truth to the people.

I applaud for you having the message out about a man and woman's authority. I have been following this tradition ever since I fell in love with Jesus. My Christian friends saw it as odd when I attended church with them for the first time. One of them made fun of me, who wore a spaghetti dress with the length just below her knees, and categorized me as Muslim. I never knew then why I started wearing a headcover to church. But the one thing that made me feel about it, I was very comfortable to present myself in front of God that way. I used to adorn myself with jewelry when I attend church, and I stopped wearing jewelry because God does not care how I look when I worship Him. When I kneel to pray upon arriving at church, I would always sense that guilt of being sinful in front of God. My friends did not understand it, now I understand my whole reason for doing so due to my eagerness to continue to want to know more about God.

And yes, a woman should never cut her hair short to make herself look like the other gender. If she does so, she should wear a veil over her head as she walks out in public and upon attending church. My long hair is a veil for me outside of public, but in church that is the only time when I wear a head covering. And I always wear long-sleeve tops that goes up to my neck, and long skirts. For modest is how we should and need to present ourselves in front of God.

All the blessings, and thank you for taking your time in reading my message.
God bless you!


I'm glad you are finding this web site useful in your studies.