Did the rider on the pale horse appear in Egypt?


Have you seen this video? Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt? People think it's one of the horsemen, but I don't really know about that. It seems something like that wouldn't really be able to be filmed. Also doesn't this kind of tie in with only God knows when the world will end kind of thing? What do you think?


If you ever been to Disney's Haunted House, then you know what happened. A bright image projected at a sharp angle against a glass lets you see the image as well as see through it. It is also what is behind the "heads up" displays in airplanes and in a few cars where instruments are projected on the windshield, yet allowing you to see through it at the same time.

Supposed horsemen in crowd in EgyptWhat I noted is that the scene is dark with a lot of bright lights. The horseman's pace matches that of the camera being panned, though the curved lens of the camera makes the horseman appear to move at a higher acceleration than the camera panning. There numerous other reflections on the lens, also moving, but the eye tends to lock on the unusual color of the horseman.

Reputed image of Mary on a piece of toast.The human brain is excellent at pattern matching. So good that we tend to see images where none exist. Ever watch clouds? Or wonder how people see the Virgin Mary in the strangest places? Yes, it is easy to imagine that green, hazy reflection to be a horseman, but it isn't one.

Then to ascribe a meaning to the image that is really pulled out of the air is stretching things too far. The horsemen of Revelation were depicting events in the collapse of the Roman empire. The rider on the pale or ashen colored horse was named Death and the grave followed behind him. As the empire collapsed, war, economic ruin, famine, and disease ran rampant killing a large number of people. Is there similarities to the collapse of Egypt's government? Sure, just as there are similarities to the collapse of every other government. Does this mean the world is about the end? Not hardly. See: The Seven Seals for additional details.

By the way green and pale (or ashen) are not the same colors, but that is another indication of people assigning meaning because they desire it and not because of reality.

Thanks for making that clear to me. I am horribly naive and gullible. I admit that. I was also afraid that if I didn't believe it, I might be sinning because what if it is real? But if I do believe it, I could also be sinning because it might not be real. I just felt confused, and didn't want to scoff at something in the Bible. So, does that mean the horsemen won't be physical? I'll go look at your link now. Thanks again.

The horsemen were symbols, just as most of Revelation is symbolic. They represented concepts, not physical beings.