Can't you fix your spelling mistakes?


I do truly agree with and appreciate the sermon content of your scriptural exhortations on Face Book. For the sake of many who will be influenced, I appeal to you to run all printed (and published) material through a spell check system which will also pick up on obscure sentences. The appearance of purposefully neglecting mistakes is a misnomer as you "Lead by example."


I readily admit that my grammar is weak. I do the best that I can and everything is run through spell checking (though the Answers to Questions section is written on Dreamweaver, which requires a manual invocation of the spell checker and I sometimes forget). I have several friends who help me out and will send me notes when they run across a mistake. I also correct mistakes as I find them when re-reading past writings. If you find a problem, I would be thankful to be told. But I can't do anything with your current complaint since it is being done already.