Can I go to a show and sing along with the hymns that are being sung with instrumental music?


Can I go to a bluegrass show and sing along with hymns that are being sung with instrumental music?

Can I play and sing hymns at home with instruments?


When something is offered up to God, then it ought to be done in the manner in which God asked for it to be offered. See: Is playing an instrument for a person's own enjoyment scriptural?

Thank you so much. This is what I believe too but wanted it in writing to show others where they are wrong. I cann't get across to my family that it is wrong to play instruments and sing hymns ANYWHERE. They say singing at home is not worship. I believe it is.

So what they are saying is that they say things without meaning what comes out of their mouth.

Yes I guess thats what they are saying. They've been in bluegrass a long time and say that when they are singing along that it is not worship that worship is in church,?

Another question is when others are singing hymns anywhere, is it wrong for me not to sing too, just listen?

Is music being presented in a way that you can do it God's way? Then sure you can sing. Even if they might not be sincere, you can be.

In worship you need to join in because a part of it is teaching those around you as well (Ephesians 5:19). If you come across a group that is singing praise, it is your choice whether to join in or not; just as you might run across an interesting conversation and stay awhile and just listen or choose to join the discussion.