So the Bible says it's okay to kill animals, eat them, wear their skins, and even abuse them?


i waz reading the "animalz rights and christianity" page ,so the bible is saying that killing all animal's ,eating them ,wearing there skin ,and even if had abused 1 ,its okay?


Typically I edit people's poor grammar and spelling so that their question comes across more clearly. However, I decided that this question needed to come across at the intelligence level it was expressed.

It is clear that you did not read the article since it's title is "Animal Rights and the Bible." In addition the last four paragraphs of the article is spent detailing why abusing animals is wrong. It is clear that you had no argument with this article, you could not disprove its logic and scriptural references, so you stooped to mockery and lying. But you only manage to make a mockery of your own movement.