Can my husband be under the spell of a witch?


I want to know if witchcraft really exists. My husband, I feel, is under a spell where he goes to this lady and they are having an affair. We have known each other for ten years and got married last year. Soon after marriage he got involved with her. He was trying to help her initially but got very badly involved with her. He wanted to come out of it, but now he cannot come out of it. He is badly involved with her and now wants me to leave him and divorce him. He is actually a very good person but has changed now. He has turned cruel. Please, what must I do to find out whether he is a victim of witchcraft? His principles have changed drastically and he only goes to that lady. She has extracted money from him and yet he goes to her, why? She utilizes him and yet he goes to her, why? He went to a lot of astrologers and they told him he was under witchcraft. Can this be true?


To put it bluntly, witchcraft is "real" in that people claim to practice witchcraft, but it is fake because it is all deceit. They have no power beyond the power to fool people. As a matter of fact, the words used to describe witchcraft in the Bible are words expressing the methods used to trick people into believing lies. See the sermon outline, "Is Witchcraft Real?" for more details.

Your husband is not under a spell. He is not being forced to commit adultery with this woman, he is choosing to do so. The claim of witchcraft is merely an excuse to relieve his conscience in explaining what he knows is obviously wrong. He can claim he is being forced, so he comes across as a victim and gains your sympathy, but meanwhile he can have all the sex he wants with two women.

Quite playing his game. Toss him out and make it clear you are only interested in having him back if he repents of his sins. Perhaps he will wise up as a result.