Can you give me information on the difference between Catholics and protestants?


Hello, I am a fellow brother and believer in Christ. I thank you for your handy, useful resources, the table of when the Catholic doctrines came to be and the article that came with it. Upon reading the message on the home page of your church's web site, I responded in fellow belief in these principles. As the mega-churches, popular churches, and big churches all support  "modernization," they do not stop to consider whether they are  defiling and degrading the sole purpose of the church. 

A big world-wide event is happening now in western Sydney called, "World Youth Day 08." I wonder if you could provide me with some information regarding all the differences in practices, beliefs, and doctrines between Catholics and protestants, as I have been asked this several times, without having adequate answer to people's questions.


Thank you for your kind words.

World Youth Day is the Roman Catholic Church's attempts at making itself attractive to youth. They rightly understand that they have a reputation of being old and tradition bound, but they hope to counter that by generating excitement that centers on the Pope.

In regards to the differences, the scope is too broad to answer. So pick one point to discuss, perhaps the lack of the mention of Pope in the Bible and Jesus' comment to call no man "father" in Matthew 23:9, which is the meaning of the word "pope." Or you can discuss infant baptism and inherited sins which are false beliefs held by both Catholics and most protestants. Most people aren't looking for an encyclopedic listing of all faults, just a rough idea of why you think there is something wrong.