Isn't it alright to go to a denomination if a faithful church isn't close?


I am a member of the church of Christ and my children have started going to an Alliance Missionary church. There is not a church of Christ close to them, and the one that is 20 miles away does not have young people. I don't want to discourage them, so I told them the main thing is to love God and keep His commandments. Try and live the best Christian life you can.


I sadly shook my head as I read your note. I remember the first years of my marriage. My wife and I drove about 45 miles one way, twice a week to attend a faithful congregation. We told people that our children traveled well in cars because they started life on the road so much. Distance is nothing if you love where you are going. Quite a few people drive further than this to go to work, yet to go to church two or three times a week is such an overwhelming burden.

Oh, and that poor church has no young people -- because the young people that could have been there are going to a denomination instead. Isn't about time someone started being responsible instead of wanting others to do all the work?

I know the teachings of the Christian and Missionary Alliance churches. While it is a fairly conservative denomination it is wholly given over to Calvinism. It doesn't teach the truth about salvation. Yet you don't want to be "discouraging" so you give token approval to your children following after false doctrine. You tell them that it is important to keep God's commandments, but you don't object if they don't fully obey Him because it is inconvenient to find or start a group in their area which will stand for the truth.