Which antidepressant is best for the treatment of drug addiction and for dealing with anger?


Please advise: Which antidepressant would you say is the best for treatment of drug addiction and also best for dealing with anger?


I have not analyzed the various antidepressants, nor do I have the expertise to make such a judgment call. That is something which would have to be discussed with a doctor or a psychologist. I just note that these products are often prescribed in situations where they are not needed and little is done to get a person off of them once they are on them. Therefore, care must be taken in their use. Coming off of drugs is one area where I can see a potential benefit. However, even here there is evidence that complete avoidance of drugs has a better success rate. See: Beating Heroin in Russia.

Anger is best dealt with by learning from the Scriptures how to manage anger. I would suggest starting with these two articles:
The Wolves Within: Moral Principles
If you have the chance, it is best to sit down on a regular basis to talk with a preacher about issues which make you angry. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and see alternative ways to deal with problems is very helpful in managing your anger.