One of the people you have counseled on the phone contacted me.


Greetings!  Loved your web site: very, very impressive. One of the people you have counseled on the phone contacted me. He wanted help with a quadriplegic. After a long conversation he told me he had spoken with you many times and that you had told him about our congregation. 

I invited him to come to our men's study this Saturday morning.

I love you as my brother and have not even met you yet.  Thanks for planting the seed, I will water, let's pray that God gives the increase.


Thank you so much for letting me know! I'm glad he has made another step in the right direction. He has a number of struggles to deal with, but I know he has a strong desire to serve God. I know this because the first time we talked, I severely chastised him for two hours for the things he was doing. I told my wife afterwards that it could go either way. I prayed I opened his eyes to the danger he was in, but I wouldn't be surprised if he never talked to me again. But he did, several times. I hope you can lead him further into the truth.