What were the duties of a king?


What did kings do as they were king?


A king was responsible to God for the welfare of the people in his nation.

  • He was the leader of the army in times of war (I Samuel 8:20).
  • He was the final judge or highest court of appeals in judicial matters (II Samuel 8:15; 15:2; I Kings 3:28).
  • He was God's representative or steward to the nation (II Samuel 6:18; I Chronicles 28:5; 29:23).
  • He made appointments for who served in the temple within the confines of the law (I Chronicles 15:16; 16:4).
  • He enforced the laws, such as in keeping the purity of their religion (II Kings 18:4).

A king could not create law. Legislative authority was held by God. The king was himself under law (Deuteronomy 17:19).