Is acupuncture acceptable?




I get acupuncture about every other month for maintenance of my body. Feels great and I stay very Healthy since I've been doing this. Is acupuncture acceptable?

Acupuncture is the stimulation of nerves, generally through the use of needles. By over stimulating certain nerve groups, discomfort can be temporarily reduced -- not just in the place where the nerves are being over stimulated, but in the related areas as well.

The use of medicine is mentioned in the Bible, and this is basically a physical form of medicinal treatment. If this gives you relief, then use it. What we should be concerned about are medical treatments that are deceptive (i.e. making claims of cures, but unable to do so, which is a form of lying), or based on mysticism (i.e. the use of "special powers" to claim to heal, which is a form of witchcraft).

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