Do you have a list of verses opposing the idea of once saved, always saved?




I was wondering if you had all the verses that are against once saved always saved in a collection. All New Testament, of course, due to the fact person I am talking to says in the Old Testament you could lose your salvation (Moses talking to God saying don't blot out their names in the book of life, but take out mine instead, or something along those lines) I already know the Revelation one where it says if you take away from this book of prophecy I will take out his part or portion in the book of life (not exact quote, I don't have my Bible with me today). Even though that verse alone I think proves you could lose your salvation, I was wondering about other ones. Because they will say Paul gave them over to Satan so they would learn not teach false doctrine basically. People who are Calvinists or anti-losing salvation say either they weren't saved (which is easily to refute since they belonged to God to shipwreck their faith and they were handed over to Satan as its put) but the other is that they weren't lost or their salvation was in trouble so they were being taught a lesson. I know Hebrews has great information on it, but I was wondering if you had like a big mess of verses so I could put them together ( so I can remember what verses to say and use and the context that surrounds them). If you have arguments against losing salvation that be sweet too.

I don't have a single collection, but there are numerous resources on this site which you can use to tackle the arguments from a variety of viewpoints. I believe one of the best is a sermon based on I Corinthians 10:1-12, "Being a Christian Will Not Save You." Take a look at the following:

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