Am I on the right track for finding a spouse?




I know the kind of man I want to marry and I am ready for marriage. I am not dating anyone because I will be leaving the country to study overseas, but I want the person I want to marry to come from that country I am going to to study. I am fasting and praying to God to make it happen. Am I on the right track?

I'm glad you are approaching marriage with forethought, but what does the nationality of a potential husband have to do with him making a good husband?

Pray that God helps you find a solid man who will be a great husband and father of your children. But don't start qualifying it with things that won't affect your marriage, such as:

"Lord, I want to marry a faithful man, but make sure he is over 6' 3"."

"Father, I want to marry a loving, tender man, but he has to have curly hair."

A bit silly, but I hope you see the point. If you happen to find a wonderful man with whom you are willing to spend the rest of your life, great! But if it doesn't work out, understand that life goes as God's sees is best for us in the long run. You never know, you might find Mr. Right when you return.

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