Happy to find the answers




I just wanted to thank you for the response to the Iraq - Interesting article shown below.  A friend who is still a newbie in Christ has asked me about this.  She works a 10 hour job and I am retired so I proceeded to get on the Internet and try to find answers for her as I really didn’t know for sure myself.  I looked up as much information as I could find until I got to #12 on Daniel in the lion’s den, [laughing out loud]. Then I came across your web site with all the answers there.   I thank you for that. So I just sent your web site to her.  I know that those of the Church of Christ are very well informed doctrinally and have a very good knowledge of God’s Word, so I had no problem believing that the work and answers you provided were accurate. 

Thank you for taking time to give these answers. I wish all could go to your web site. With me sending your web site to my friend, perhaps she will forward to the person who sent it to her and that will make a chain reaction.

Thank you for the kind words. I am happy we were of service to you.