Was Jesus ever long winded?




I am annoyed by the long winded answers that are found here. The truth is far more simple that the answers on this website. Do you think Jesus talked in such a way? While there may be truth on this website it is well hidden, reminding me well of the saying, "a needle in a hay stack."

Some people are hard to please and some are never pleased.

In answer to your question, Jesus gave both short and long answers to questions directed at him. His sermon on the mount runs for three chapters in Matthew (Matthew 5 though 7). The feeding of the five thousand was proceeded by Jesus healing and teaching people for an entire day (Mark 6:34-35). Luke 15:1 to Luke 17:10 is actually one response to the grumbling of the Pharisees. Jesus' discourse on his equality to God is quite lengthy (John 5:19-47) and his final instructions to his disciples runs from John 13 to John 17. The length of the answer varies with what needs to be said.

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