Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?




I read the article by Wayne Goforth about Christmas.  I, including my family, can proudly say that we have never celebrated "Christmas." My father was a preacher when he married my mother and since then there has been no celebration of these holidays.  Reading his article, it appears to me that he is defending more the reasons why he celebrates the time.  He does state that he does not celebrate it because of the birth of Christ.  He also backed himself with verses which is good. However, who are we? Are we followers or leaders?  How are we different from everybody else?  Would anybody distinguish us as Christians if we had Frosty the Snowman outside my homes?  Or exchange presents? Or wish everybody a Merry Christmas?  What does that say about us?  Not much, but would we be considered like everybody else? As I grew up in a Christian home, the people who know me and my family know that we do not participate in such customs.  My husband and I do not celebrate it either. But in reference to the article, the Christians who celebrate these holidays do it for custom and probably because of the season of giving and only the Lord knows their reasons.  Are we trying to please the Lord or ourselves? Please give me some feedback. Thanks.

I appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns. Several years ago, I presented a lesson on this topic so I took the opportunity to rewrite it as an article. Please take few moments to read it. I believe it covers your concerns, but if not write back and let me know. The article is: "Holiday Observances."