Are you "anti" or "liberal"?


Wow! I am so happy to see a site that holds to sound doctrine.  There is only one thing that I don't see much written on: Institutionalism.  I do see the article on church spending which is correct.  I was wondering though if you all were "anti" or "liberal" as many like to say when concerning how the money of the church is used such as in:  supporting orphans homes, schools, sending money to one congregation to do the work for many etc.


I would hope that the information on this web site would have made that clear.

Those among the "mainstream" or "liberal" elements of the churches of Christ refer to La Vista as an "anti" group, though you probably realize that such a term carries no meaning. I would hope most brethren were against sin and false doctrine. We are usually charged with being against orphans, but the truth is we are against using the church treasury as a substitute for duties that God has charged to individual Christians.

I guess I haven't uploaded a large number of works on this particular topic. I have over 30 years of lessons that I have been moving to the web site. I haven't even finished the material I have in electronic form, let alone move the material I have collected in eight drawers of filing cabinets. Keep visiting, you will find more and more things each week. I usually manage to get about 5 to 10 web pages done per week.

June 3, 2013