Why Was Jesus Lost?

Why Was Jesus Lost?

Text: Luke 2:42-46


I.         Jesus was lost because of negligence

            A.        Not that Mary and Joseph were wicked or did not care. They simply neglected to check on Jesus before they lost him.

            B.        It was not intentional. It was an accident, an unfortunate oversight.

            C.        Today so many will be lost due to same neglect - Hebrews 2:1-3

                        1.         Peace, prosperity, and a lack of problems can cause us to forget to be diligent - Deuteronomy 6:10-12

II.        Jesus was lost because of supposition

            A.        They thought Jesus was with them. They just assume it to be true.

            B.        Ever been on the wrong road, even though you just knew it was the right one?

            C.        How many are killed by a gun they thought was empty?

            D.        Just because a way seems right, does not make it so - Proverbs 14:12

            E.        We must be on guard from presumptuous sins - Psalm 19:13

III.       Jesus was lost because they looked in the wrong place

            A.        People today often look in the wrong place for Jesus.

                        1.         They look in the commandments of men - Matthew 15:8-9

            B.        The correct place to look is in the word - John 5:39-40

            C.        We will be judged by the words of Jesus - John 12:48

IV.      It was not Jesus who was lost, but his parents had lost Jesus

            A.        Have you lost Jesus?

            B.        Are you going though life supposing he is with you?

            C.        Are you looking for Jesus in the right place?