Where is the Kingdom?

Where is the Kingdom?

Text: John 18:33-40


I.         We frequently talk about the Jews’ mistaken concept of the kingdom

            A.        They were expecting the Messiah to restore Israel to the glory it had in the days of David and Solomon.

            B.        Despite being around Jesus for several years, the concept was so firmly rooted in the disciples’ minds that they could not get past it - Acts 1:6

            C.        In some ways it is understandable because Jesus spoke about its nearness

                        1.         Within their lifetime - Mark 9:1

                        2.         He would not sup with them again until it comes - Luke 22:18

II.        When would it come?

            A.        Jesus state he would build his church, which he also called the kingdom - Matthew 16:18-19

                        1.         Thus at the time of this statement, and the ones we mentioned before, it was still in the future.

                        2.         Satan could not prevented it.

                        3.         Some would see it before they died - Luke 9:27

            B.        But after the Pentecost following his resurrection we find people being added to the church - Acts 2:47

            C.        In the writings of the apostles they referred to the church as having been built (in the past)

                        1.         A foundation was laid - Ephesians 2:20

                        2.         A foundation upon Jesus alone - I Corinthians 3:11

            D.        The people taught, who became Christians were laid on that foundation - I Peter 2:4-10

                        1.         Notice that they were added because of belief in the word

                        2.         They accept that Jesus was the foundation

                        3.         A foundation that had to be put in place first - I Corinthians 15:1-4

                        4.         Thus you see early preachers starting at the foundation, Jesus, in their preaching - Acts 8:35-38

            E.        The church could not be built until the foundation was laid - I Corinthians 3:11

                        1.         The foundation could not be laid until it was tried - Isaiah 28:16

                        2.         The critical trial was Jesus’ resurrection - I Corinthians 15:14-17

                        3.         Nor could it be tried until the cornerstone was rejected - Mark 8:31

                        4.         Then could all be fulfilled - Acts 4:10-12

III.       Where would it come?

            A.        The kingdom isn’t something seen - Luke 17:20-21

                        1.         It was not a visible event

                        2.         The crowning of its king was not witnessed by millions on earth

            B.        It is not in Jerusalem. It is not even in this world - John 18:36

            C.        He does rule from David’s throne - Luke 1:32; Acts 2:30

            D.        People have be conveyed into the kingdom - Colossians 1:13-14

                        1.         It requires being born of water and the Spirit - John 3:5

                        2.         It happens when we are saved - Titus 3:5

                        3.         A reference to baptism - Romans 6:3-4

                        4.         A reference to the Word of God. The Spirit brought us the word of God - I Peter 1:22-25

            E.        Earthly kingdoms come and go - Daniel 2:39-40

                        1.         God would establish a kingdom that could not be destroyed - Daniel 2:44

                        2.         Christ’s kingdom cannot be shaken - Hebrews 12:28

            F.        It is a kingdom without borders - Isaiah 9:6-7; Daniel 7:14

IV.      It is a kingdom within each Christian - Luke 17:21

            A.        It’s emphasis is upon the spiritual, not the physical - Romans 14:17

            B.        It is the glorious mystery revealed and preached - Colossians 1:24-28

            C.        Are you in the kingdom? Is the kingdom in you?

            D.        Do you have that living hope? - I Peter 1:3-4